After a career here spanning 5 decades, our CFO and very valued partner, Helen Stancavage, is retiring.  Helen has been essential to the foundational workings of M&K, to our growth, and has lighted the way for our future.  There’s no way to summarize the impact that Helen has had on the organization and those of us who have worked with her.  Although the duration of tenure for M&K employees is well above the industry average at about 13 years, Helen is- as usual -far above average.  Helen has been continuously employed at M&K for over 38 years; a feat seldom matched in the construction industry.  Her advice, leadership, insistence on standards, and longevity will be missed.  Taking over for Helen is Stacie Billingsley, who has already served with M&K for 22 years.  There’s every chance that Stacie will be here longer than Helen!  While we will miss Helen dearly, we wish her all the best for a lengthy and enjoyable retirement.  Having worked with this crew for this long, it’s certainly well deserved!

(Helen is pictured on the right of the photo)